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Cooking with Olive Oil

When a recipe calls for olive oil, how do you know what kind to use? Let your own taste preferences be your guide. The best solution is to cook using “Extra Virgin” or “Virgin” olive oil. If you feel this solution is expensive for you, try with “Pure” olive oil and season or drizzle with “Extra Virgin”.
Light and delicate dishes like poached or sautéed fish, chicken or veal; go well with a milder, less fruity olive oil. Full flavored robust dishes such as soups or tomato-based sauces welcome a fruitier, flavorful olive oil, as do steamed vegetables and salads.

For roasted, barbecued and braised dishes requiring high or prolonged heat olive oil is best. In frying, a crisp caramelized crust is formed that will allow but a small amount of oil to soak into the food. In vegetable dishes, its herbal hues blend excellently with the greens. Pies are best made with sweet olive oil.